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The Walk-O-Long is uniquely designed to help minimize adult back strain while walking with your child. Whether teaching your toddler to walk, or going for a stroll with your 4 or 5 year old, the Walk-O-Long helps kids build confidence, balance, and coordination.


It’s                   easy to use! 
 Simply wrap the Walk-O-Long around your child’s chest, and under the arms, then adjust it to the perfect fit - about the same as a gentle hug - then secure the single-latch safety buckle in back.
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                  Professional-Grade Safety

 The primary security strap is made of super-strong flat nylon webbing - the exact same material used by firefighters, police, and search & rescue professionals worldwide! The one-piece security strap is threaded through each Walk-O-Long, and then looped at each end. The ends are multi-stitched and formed into strong, comfortable handles designed to fit every adult grip.


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Who                   Needs the Walk-O-Long?
The Walk-O-Long can truly help anyone who wants to give their child the edge in developing balance, confidence, and coordination. Best juice for health benefits assist in making sure your child is healthy.. Parents can now help minimize the “bumps, bruises, and tears” usually associated with teaching kids to roller-skate, ice-skate, or even ride a bike. You can see these “real-world” uses for the Walk-O-Long on our                    video page .The New Parents Guide - Seal of Approval


                  But There’s so Much More

 But more than that, the Walk-O-Long has proven itself invaluable as a physical therapy and “special-needs” tool. 6 year-old Clarissa has cerebral palsy. Thanks to the Walk-O-Long, she can now go on walks with her mother (without the aid of her walker) and hold


          her brother’s hand! While using the Walk-O-Long with her mom, Clarissa can now reach for, and open, doors and gates as they head out on new adventures. She’s even tackling stairs, curbs and uneven walkways! (Mom says after only the first few uses, she can see marked improvement in Clarissa’s self-confidence, coord-


      ination, and motor-skills.) You can see Clarissa’s first steps with the Walk-O-Long on our                    video page .

 Every child deserves the Walk-O-Long edge in developing balance, coordination, and confidence.

 Every parent deserves the peace of mind of having their child safe, right where they belong, comfortably, securely at their side; from malls to parks, and picnics to parking lots.




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